My practice has been tailored to meet the medical needs of my patients.  This is best accomplished by being able to give each patient the time and consideration that they need.  In order to do this I have reduced my practice from a high volume to a moderate volume one.  With the time that I give each patient I have found that the insurance industry does not adequately reimburse for quality of care.  To deal with the time considerations needed for such a practice I have gone out of network with the insurance industry.  The exceptions are L&I claims and motor vehicle accidents with PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage.  With these two situations we do bill directly and accept the reimbursement fee schedule.
We assist Medicare patients by discounting their fees by 15%. We also assist patients in their efforts to be reimbursed according to their out of network benefits.  We will bill private insurers for a small administrative fee in order to maximize your benefits.  You certainly have the option of billing your own insurance with the forms provided.
Payment is expected at the time of service. We do not run a tab on patient accounts.  After all, you don't leave Safeway without paying for your groceries, and you need that to live too.  Unlike most physicians I do not bill fraudulently.  My prices are quite reasonable, and, for the services given, generally well under the prevailing (fraudulent) fee schedules in the community.  Our billing policy is designed so as to give patients the care that they deserve and keep me in business.