Anti-aging?  Without wanting to sound too contrite.  Why Not?  Until recently it wasn't possible, so it remained a mythological quest.  We now have the science, and it's here just in time for our generation.  Who wouldn't want to :

    Lose body fat and gain muscle
    Have smoother more supple skin
    Feel more positive with an improved sense of well being
    Have more energy
    Improve mental clarity
    Increase sex drive and performance

Sound to good to be true?  Well shake off your old belief systems and look at the data.  I deal in evidence based science;  not myth and supposition.  While most of the data I've researched comes from Europe it is quite accessible over the Web.  Even though the science is good you will never see this come to you through FDA approved channels.  And why not?  No drug company is going to put the hundreds of millions of dollars into getting FDA approval for nonpatentable products.  There's no money in it for them!

Most conventional medicine is brought to us through commercial channels.  I call it the Academic-Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex.  Drug companies promote their products directly to doctors with fancy Madison Avenue campaigns.  They even hire university professors to pitch us about the virtues of their branded products.  You can be sure, if there isn't big money behind it your doctor is only going to know about it if he or she goes looking for it.  Well, I went looking for it, and I found it.  It wasn't wrapped up in some neat little package.  It took me years to accumulate enough information to be able to help people fulfill their desire to achieve positive gains with the above listed benefits of anti-aging medicine

Interest in anti-aging is just starting to gather its momentum in America.  We are just starting to realize that since something can be done about it we may as well start paying attention to it.  We might be behind other parts of the world (mostly Europe), but we now have the opportunity to help ourselves before time further erodes away our basic physical and mental assets.  Read what the Harvard School of Public Health has to say about aging: Harvard Review On Aging  Still want to just sit by watching the second hand tick away?  Explore the information on this site and learn that something can be done about aging.  It's not inevitable to grow old at the same rate that our parents and grandparents did before us. While anti-aging can't be for every one, many of us need to see if this should become a priority in our, all too unfortunately limited, time on Earth.

Addendum: Here is a link to a scientific discussion as to why we age  Theories Of Aging.

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