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  Hormones are an essential part of our existence and well being.  It is often joked by doctors that the only difference between young people and old people are their hormones.  Well, there's actually a lot of truth to this. Of course, there is more to it than just that, but hormones play a big role in how youthful we feel, think and behave.  They also appear, on a scientific basis, to be able to reverse and slow down the aging process.  Hormones have a tendency to peak out at a relatively young age.  DHEA, for example, will reach its peak at 19 years of age.  Testosterone in the early to mid-twenties.  Growth hormone starts to decline significantly in the thirties ( its peak, however, occurs in the teenage years).  It's kind of a cruel joke that nature plays on us. The older we get the more we can appreciate what life has to offer, however, the older we get the harder it becomes to get it.  It's often been said:  Youth is wasted on the young.  

If you're over thirty-five or forty you've probably noticed the early subtle signs of aging.  Slower recovery and healing times.  Cuts and sprains seem to stay with you a whole lot longer.  That pop-up and go energy seems to have popped up and gone.  You remember sex more than you enjoy it. ( Libido/Hormone Article ) Little thoughts slip your memory, and that person in the mirror might be becoming one of your parents.  Tell me it's not so!  Well, it is, and you know it.  Hormone therapy can be a powerful tool to help turn this tide so that these realities do not have to be your near term destiny.

Click onto the research articles that I have provided for you to see the scientific basis of feeling better and enjoying a better life longer with the use of hormones under my supervision.

I do not recommend the use of unsupervised hormones, even those that are over the counter.  They need to be used properly and with the right balance.   Beware!  More is definitely not better when it comes to many things including hormones.

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